CHCUKCHCUK Ltd was established in 2009 by Stuart McCully.

The apparent complexity of the regulations and guidelines applicable to all fields of clinical research  means that it can be a challenge to unravel what is relevant and how it impacts us.

CHCUK’s main aim is to support you and  ‘painlessly’ guide you through the maze of regulations and guidelines.  We also believe that there is a minimum level of information that should be readily available to all clinical researchers which is why many of our tools and services are free to access.

CHCUK specialises in providing compliance support to organisations involved in the following research areas GCP, NIS.

About the Director

Stuart McCully has a BSc(Hons) and PhD in Pharmacology from Aberdeen University and has worked as a scientist, line manager, project manager and compliance manager in pre-clinical and clinical research since 2000.

Stuart has witnessed the challenges that biomedical researchers  (e.g.., Preclinical Scientists, Clinical Researchers, Medical Affairs Managers) face in finding appropriate support for the pre-clinical and clinical work they conduct and manage.

CHCUK has been created to provide support to biomedical researchers in public and private organisations with a view to addressing these challenges.