GCP Regulatory Maps


Regulation of Clinical Trials: Europe & UK

CHCUK ‘Regulatory Maps’ aim to provide the user with a pictorial overview of how the various regulations and guidelines fit together.  Each map provides hyperlinks to all of the listed regulations and guidelines.

Please click on the image above to view and/or download a complimentary copy of the GCP Regulatory Map for Europe.  Please note that these maps are accurate at the time of upload but should always be checked by the user for accuracy at the time of download and use.

Please note that you will need to a have a ‘PDF Reader ‘ installed to view these maps.

Last Updated on: 1st September 2011

Reason for Update:

  • The hosting site for the UK legislation has moved from the OPSI website to Legislation.gov.uk .  The hyperlinks have been updated to reflect this change

Please contact us at info@chcuk.co.uk if you would like further information or guidance on the use of the regulatory maps illustrated.

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