Eurasia-08 [Converted]

Single Medicines Market in Eurasian Economic Union

February 2016 is expected to see the launch of a single market of medicines in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, which may be a game changer in the industry. Currently over 30 draft acts have been adopted, establishing EEU rules and principles for movement of medicines and covering such issues as registration, clinical […]

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New French Transparency Regulations Ruled Valid

The law on modernisation of the French health system adopted on 17 December 2015 introduced, amongst other things, changes to the existing sunshine regulations which require industry to make public the existence of certain agreements with, and benefits provided to, various stakeholders in the healthcare industry. By a decision dated 21 January 2016,  the French […]

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Germany: New Anti-Corruption Law

Fighting Private Sector Bribery and Cross-Border Corruption Statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office show that the number of corruption-related offences committed in 2013 increased to 3,995. The new regulation on taking and giving bribes in commercial practice under Section 299 of the Criminal Code is intended to implement international standards in light of growing […]

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Switzerland: Online Ethics Committee Submissions Now Mandatory

Starting from January 1st 2016 the online-platform BASEC (Buisness Administration System for Ethics Committees) to submit research project to Swiss Ethics Committees is mandatory. Link: No submissions or updates outside of BASEC will be accepted. The check-lists and the “old” base-form will be obsolete and replaced entirely by the online-form in BASEC (Research Project […]

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Chronic Disease And Workplace Culture: An Australian Approach

I came across a good article in HC Hotline written by Victoria Bruce, which discusses chronic diseases, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease, which can greatly impact the workplace but which the workplace culture can ease and ameliorate.  This, from an Australian perspective. As she notes, “The Australian Institute of Health and Wellness says chronic […]

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Three dimensional map of China in Chinese flag colors.

China: Key 2015 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Policies

We have analyzed drug policies with regard to drug pricing and the centralized procurement of drugs in the previous Key 2015 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Policies: Pharmaceuticals. This article will sort out China’s key regulations and policies in 2015 related to healthcare from five aspects – public hospital reforms, private investments in the healthcare sector, the […]

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Serbia: Mental Health Data Leakage

In December 2015, a journalist disclosed one patient’s health data in a TV show. The data were related to the patient’s mental health and his treatment in the mental health clinic “Dr Laza Lazarevic”, in Belgrade. The Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (“Commissioner”) promptly established that the clinic disclosed […]

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Ukraine Amends the Procedure for Conducting Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products

Ministry of Health of Ukraine Amends the Procedure for Conducting Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products On December 31, 2015 the changes to the Ministry of Health’s Order No. 690, establishing the Procedure for Conducting Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products (the Procedure), have become effective. Below you can review the summary of introduced changes to be […]

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