We’ve come a long way from our humble begginings in 2009 where our site received 35,000 hits per year.  This month we’ve already passed the 1,000,000 hits mark for 2015! CHCUK-Ltd-Logo
In 2009 there was muted and skeptical interest in non-interventional studies.  Up until 2012, this was still a much scorned and mis-understood area of a drug products lifecycle…and then we saw the implementation of the EU PV regulations…
…Since 2013 there has been an exponential interest and need for ‘realistic’ clinical data on new and marketed drugs.  We now call this ‘Real World Evidence’ and in 2015 the terms ‘Real World Evidence’, ‘Patient Centricity’, ‘Pragmatic Clinical Trials’ and ‘Observational Research’ are the norm and are seen as very important tools in helping us to assess the benefit to patients and healthcare systems/ payers of new and existing interventions.
Our web traffic reflects this exponention interest in this exciting and much needed field of research so, a BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has contributed to our 1,000,000 hits.