We have analyzed drug policies with regard to drug pricing and the centralized procurement of drugs in the previous Key 2015
Three dimensional map of China in Chinese flag colors.
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Policies: Pharmaceuticals. This article will sort out China’s key regulations and policies in 2015 related to healthcare from five aspects – public hospital reforms, private investments in the healthcare sector, the removal of the administrative review and approval of healthcare insurance designated institutions, the combination of healthcare and elderly care services, and the investment of foreign capital in healthcare institutions.

  1. Fully Promoting Public Hospital Reform
  2. Fully Promoting Private Investment in the Healthcare Sector
  3. Removing the Administrative Review and Approval for the Qualifications of Healthcare Insurance Designated Institutions
  4. Combining Healthcare Services with Elderly Care Services
  5. Keeping a Close Eye on the Regulatory Policies on Foreign-invested Healthcare and Elderly Care Institutions as They are Updated Frequently

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Source: Lexology; King & Wood MallesonsHuang Jianwen