We are on the cusp of introducing a mechanism to disclose value transfers between health professionals and EFPIA Member Companies. But, with the June 2016 deadline looming, learning from those who are already experiencing this form of transparency could save us significant heartache further down the line.
So let’s take a look at how it is being handled in the Czech Republic and see where we can identify the positives and the pitfalls in an EU Member State that is Czech-Republic-map-colouralready preparing a central database for disclosure.
It has been by no means a smooth ride this far, given the difficult environment with which we were faced. From the outset, our determination to push the disclosure agenda was met with initial opposition from doctors, scientific/medical societies and healthcare opinion leaders.
Something of a breakthrough, however, was made with regard to the medical societies. It took time and a hefty amount of explanation, but we were eventually able to get the point across that disclosure of value transfers between healthcare professionals and the industry was a trend-setting initiative that reflected the drive towards greater transparency across the healthcare sector.
It is likely that the existence of non-legislative disclosure – that is “self-regulation” – also played a role in this gradual change of heart. Whatever the case may be, this is a welcome shift in the right direction.
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