“The regulatory science strategy to 2025 aims to build a more adaptive regulatory system that will encourage innovation in human and veterinary medicine,” said Guido Rasi, EMA’s Executive Director. “The strategy includes developments and challenges in medicines development that we together with the Commission and NCAs experts have identified in a thorough process of mapping and selection. Now we want to hear from our stakeholders whether they consider this strategy is ambitious enough.

“To underpin its mission of protecting human health, EMA must catalyse and enable regulatory science and innovation to be translated into patient access to medicines in evolving healthcare systems.”

Strategic Goals and Core Recommendations – Human Medicines

  1. Catalysing the integration of science and technology in medicines development
  2. Driving collaborative evidence generation – improving the scientific quality of evaluations
  3. Advancing patient-centred access to medicines in partnership with healthcare systems
  4. Addressing emerging health threats and availability/ therapeutic challenges
  5. Enabling and leveraging research and innovation in regulatory science