Why are Academics Not Keen on Pharma Funding?Questions

  • Less (or no) kudos for industry studies
  • Study design often ‘fixed’
  • Usually ‘sponsored’ by industry
  • Institution keeps all the money
  • Study question of limited interest
  • Good publications ‘difficult’
  • Opportunity cost; less academic research
  • Generates ‘conflict of interest’


Raising the Bar for Regulatory Science

  • Utilise tried and trusted ‘peer review’ competitive grant award mechanisms
  • Promote academic importance of regulatory science
  • Stimulate innovation and excellence to create robust regulatory evidence
  • Remove direct funding link between industry and academia
  • Independent


Suggested Voluntary System:
  • EMA decides on the data required to support regulation
  • Industry offered the option to have regulatory requirement fulfilled by a voluntary scheme
  • EMA partners with an ‘established’ scientific funding body (for example the Wellcome Trust)
Author: Thomas Macdonald, University of Dundee, ENCePP Steering Group