HealthCarePoint BlueCloud Enhances Collaborations Between Institutional Review Boards and Investigators to Help Site Sustainability

HealthCarePoint (HCP) announces its collaboration with independent institutional review boards (IRBs). The announcement follows a meeting held at the logo-healthcare-point-healthcare-and-clinical-research2015 Drug Information Association conference in Washington DC, where ethical review committees agreed to identify collaborative opportunities to minimize – and ultimately eliminate – redundancies that investigator sites and healthcare professionals experience when the same professional, experience and training (PET) credentials are required by multiple IRBs, sponsors, clinical research organizations and other industry stakeholders.

Over the past few years, HCP, and other industry stakeholders like Quorum, IntegReview, Chesapeake, Salus, MaGil, Sterling and dozens of other organizations have been exploring ways to use BlueCloud collaborative networking technologies to minimize redundancies created by proprietary siloes that make it more difficult for investigator sites to do business with and maintain long-term sustainability with IRBs, sponsors, clinical research organizations, universities, governments and others in the industry.

As collaborative momentum builds across the world, HCP continues to work closely with global industry leaders – including independent and institutional IRBs, universities, governments, private and not-for-profit standards organizations – that believe industry sustainability begins with creating common, seamless collaborative networks. This will maximize subject human protection and get products to market faster by eliminating waste generated by redundant siloed processes required from healthcare professionals and investigator sites.


HealthCarePoint is a leading global network of over 700,000 healthcare and clinical research professionals and a standards consolidator focused on creating and establishing healthcare professional’s tools and business-to-business networking technologies. Members use its cutting-edge technologies to streamline business and compliance processes by connecting organizations, their employees and contractors through a series of shareable, collaborative networks seamlessly integrated to perform daily tasks and activities to share, exchange and update verifiable information globally in real time. Members also leverage the network to save time and financial resources on millions of products, services and specialties used in the everyday supply/service chain management of healthcare and clinical research.

About BlueCloud®
BlueCloud is a neutral, online internet-based system featuring networking technologies enabling businesses, professionals and stakeholders in healthcare and clinical research to simultaneously connect, deliver, share and exchange professional information including but not limited to credentials and relevant healthcare professional information in real-time via a common, neutral and secure networking system.

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