Industry-changing technology will help break down healthcare and clinical research silos, empowering organizations to connect and share verifiable information in real time.

Texas-based healthcare and clinical research networking-technology company HealthCarePoint (HCP) today announced that it is officially unveiling its logo-healthcare-point-healthcare-and-clinical-researchBlueCloud™ networking technology. BlueCloud allows organizations to connect and share verifiable information between healthcare and clinical research organizations and their stakeholders via a private network. HCP currently provides networking technology to more than 700,000 healthcare and clinical research professionals, dozens of national and international entities including 34 pharma, biotech, medical device and other sponsors, 14 clinical research organizations (CROs) and thousands of healthcare provider organizations.

According to HCP president and cofounder Al O. Pacino, BlueCloud allows the healthcare and research industry to connect using:

1) complimentary technologies that promote quality, safety, operations management, compliance and healthcare cross-over standards into research and accountable processes that support patient-human-subject protection, and

2) standardized application programming interfaces (APIs), which connect legacy systems to BlueCloud.

BlueCloud networking technology has already been proven to solve many challenges the healthcare industry faces, including – but not limited to – privacy issues, because information is owned by the professional and managed by his or her healthcare employees and clinical research sites. Employees, investigator sites, sponsors, CROs, IRBs and other approved third parties can verify information across multiple organizations simultaneously. Through alerts and time-stamped verification prompts, BlueCloud also compels users to keep information accurate and up to date, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing financial burdens often caused when inaccurate information is shared.

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