1. NICE welcomes the opportunity to continue our well-established practice of translating evidence into practical guidance and advice, and to expand our methods and processes to enable more extensive and effective use of broader sources of data.
  2. We acknowledge that there are challenges in expanding our use of data and analytics, but we believe that the potential benefits to health and social care providers and users of their services outweigh the risks. We look forward to engaging with other organisations that have expertise in data analytics, to explore areas of shared interest and work together to improve health and social care. We will seek to reduce barriers and set up frameworks to enable this work to succeed.

Consultation description

Nice has published a statement of intent for consultation, which outlines how they are looking to broaden the sources of data they use to develop guidance and evaluate its effect.  According to the statement on the NICE website, NICE  would like to use broader sources of data in the future, including:

  • ‘real world data’, such as electronic health records
  • audits
  • registries
  • surveys.

Nice already use some of these data sources in specific situations. They would like to extend their use, where appropriate.

What the statement of intent includes

The statement of intent outlines:

  • the types of data NICE already use
  • what broader types of data NICE might consider making additional use of in the future
  • the circumstances under which these broader types of data might be used
  • a brief summary of some of the practical considerations of using these data sources
  • case studies outlining existing use of these types of data.

Time period

The consultation runs from Thursday 13 June to Friday 13 September 2019.