The ARPIM Code of Ethics was last amended in December 2013.  The latest version of the ARPIM HCP Code is applicable from 1st April 2014.  Map of Romania
Revisions include:
Obligation to Disclose NIS Studies: ARPIM members shall disclose their observational studies the relevant form (Annex B) on the ARPIM web site not later than 1 (one) month after the initiation of the study, initiation being the date of “first patient in” (as per the Additional Sections to Article 15 of the ARPIM HCP Code).
Prohibition of Gifts: In accordance with Article 17 of the 2013 version of the ARPIM HCP Code, no gift, pecuniary advantage or benefit in kind may be supplied, offered or promised to a healthcare professional.

  • Payments in cash or cash equivalents (such as gift certificates or coupons) are prohibited.
  • Payment of membership taxes in domestic or international medical association or support of the healthcare professionals for editing medical literature is not permitted.

New Requirement(s) for Informational and/or Educational Materials and Items of Medical Utility: The transmission of informational or educational items and items of medical utility is permitted provided these are:

  • “inexpensive”;
  • directly relevant to the practice of medicine or pharmacy; and
  • directly beneficial to the care of patients.

Items of medical utility aimed directly at the education of healthcare professionals and patient care can be provided if they are inexpensive and do not offset routine business practices of the recipient (as per Article 9 of the ARPIM HCP Code).
The transmission of such materials or items shall not constitute an inducement to recommend, prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer a medicinal product (as per Article 9 of the ARPIM HCP Code).
Publication of the Final Study Report: ARPIM members now have 1 year after completion of the study (meaning database lock), rather than 6 months, to publish the final report on the ARPIM website (confidential part, only accessible to ARPIM members) (as per the Additional Sections for Article 15 of the ARPIM HCP Code).