Source: Robert Breedon, partner at Gowling WLG and Head of the Health and Care Sector
While concern undoubtedly persists across the board about the potential business implications of Britain leaving the EU, it appears that US health product

manufacturers and providers are broadly taking a more optimistic view. Indeed, nearly half of the health product businesses in our survey indicate that the uncertain regulatory climate is actually positively influencing the trade and investment decisions they are making right now and they are the most positive of all the sectors polled about the potential impact of the two year Brexit negotiation period on their business activity.
Such positivity is no doubt being driven by the UK’s continuing status as a leading provider of health and care services, which is renowned overseas for robust infrastructure, world-leading healthcare institutions and high quality care. That won’t change regardless of Britain’s chosen Brexit path and there will, of course, still be a buoyant, ongoing need for access to the high quality diagnostic tools and devices provided by US companies after Britain has exited the EU.
Furthermore, gaining approval for and use of a medical product in the UK is still rightly seen as an excellent ‘reference site’ and a lucrative route to wider international export markets in Africa and Asia. That again will endure, so it’s unsurprising that this was among the least likely sectors in the survey to be considering a move away from the UK and least likely to bypass the UK as a result of Brexit. In addition, any direct trade deal between the UK and US would bring much-needed certainty to the relationship, as well as a host of other spin-off benefits so it’s understandable to see that almost 83% of respondents would favour such a move.
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